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How It All Started

In the years of 2013-2014 our family moved from a small town in north central Iowa with the name of Stacyville. In Iowa we got tired of being in the construction industry. So we moved to Ontario, OR to try a new venture of farming. We (Our Dad: Verle Unruh, My Brother:Shalyn Unruh, and Me: Seth Unruh) started out farming conventional hay but soon realized that was not what we wanted. We then started down the path of biological farming and also transitioned our farm over to certified organic. We then grew organic corn but our soils didn't do what we wanted. After some more studying we decided what we were missing was no-till and diverse cover crops. In the summer of 2018 my brother and I  went to a class put on by Soil Health Academy at Seven Sons Farm in Roanoke, IN. We then realized that we needed higher diversity not only in cover crops but also in our cash crops.

So here we are, We have learned that if we don't have healthy soil we won't have healthy food. We have a desire to produce quality pasture products that will not only be healthy for the soil but also healthy for the consumer.  

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